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    • Targeting TRIM37-driven centrosome dysfunction in 17q23-amplified breast cancer. 

      Yeow, ZY; Lambrus, BG; Marlow, R; Zhan, KH; Durin, M-A; Evans, LT; Scott, PM; Phan, T; Park, E; Ruiz, LA; Moralli, D; Knight, EG; Badder, LM; Novo, D; Haider, S; Green, CM; Tutt, ANJ; Lord, CJ; Chapman, JR; Holland, AJ (2020-09-09)
      Genomic instability is a hallmark of cancer, and has a central role in the initiation and development of breast cancer 1,2 . The success of poly-ADP ribose polymerase inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancers that are ...