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    • Integrated genomics and functional validation identifies malignant cell specific dependencies in triple negative breast cancer. 

      Patel, N; Weekes, D; Drosopoulos, K; Gazinska, P; Noel, E; Rashid, M; Mirza, H; Quist, J; Brasó-Maristany, F; Mathew, S; Ferro, R; Pereira, AM; Prince, C; Noor, F; Francesch-Domenech, E; Marlow, R; de Rinaldis, E; Grigoriadis, A; Linardopoulos, S; Marra, P; Tutt, ANJ (2018-03-13)
      Triple negative breast cancers (TNBCs) lack recurrent targetable driver mutations but demonstrate frequent copy number aberrations (CNAs). Here, we describe an integrative genomic and RNAi-based approach that identifies ...