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    • CDK1 Is a Synthetic Lethal Target for KRAS Mutant Tumours. 

      Costa-Cabral, S; Brough, R; Konde, A; Aarts, M; Campbell, J; Marinari, E; Riffell, J; Bardelli, A; Torrance, C; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A (2016-01)
      Activating KRAS mutations are found in approximately 20% of human cancers but no RAS-directed therapies are currently available. Here we describe a novel, robust, KRAS synthetic lethal interaction with the cyclin dependent ...
    • Synthetic lethality: the road to novel therapies for breast cancer. 

      Dhillon, KK; Bajrami, I; Taniguchi, T; Lord, CJ (2016-10)
      When the BRCA1 and BRCA2 tumour suppressor genes were identified in the early 1990s, the immediate implications of mapping, cloning and delineating the sequence of these genes were that individuals in families with a BRCA ...