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    • Genome-wide association study implicates immune dysfunction in the development of Hodgkin lymphoma. 

      Sud, A; Thomsen, H; Orlando, G; Försti, A; Law, PJ; Broderick, P; Cooke, R; Hariri, F; Pastinen, T; Easton, DF; Pharoah, PDP; Dunning, AM; Peto, J; Canzian, F; Eeles, R; Kote-Jarai, Z; Muir, K; Pashayan, N; Campa, D; PRACTICAL Consortium; Hoffmann, P; Nöthen, MM; Jöckel, K-H; von Strandmann, EP; Swerdlow, AJ; Engert, A; Orr, N; Hemminki, K; Houlston, RS (2018-11)
      To further our understanding of inherited susceptibility to Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), we performed a meta-analysis of 7 genome-wide association studies totaling 5325 HL cases and 22 423 control patients. We identify 5 new HL ...
    • The regulatory isoform rPGRP-LC induces immune resolution via endosomal degradation of receptors. 

      Neyen, C; Runchel, C; Schüpfer, F; Meier, P; Lemaitre, B (2016-10)
      The innate immune system needs to distinguish between harmful and innocuous stimuli to adapt its activation to the level of threat. How Drosophila mounts differential immune responses to dead and live Gram-negative bacteria ...