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    • The prognostic effects of somatic mutations in ER-positive breast cancer. 

      Griffith, OL; Spies, NC; Anurag, M; Griffith, M; Luo, J; Tu, D; Yeo, B; Kunisaki, J; Miller, CA; Krysiak, K; Hundal, J; Ainscough, BJ; Skidmore, ZL; Campbell, K; Kumar, R; Fronick, C; Cook, L; Snider, JE; Davies, S; Kavuri, SM; Chang, EC; Magrini, V; Larson, DE; Fulton, RS; Liu, S; Leung, S; Voduc, D; Bose, R; Dowsett, M; Wilson, RK; Nielsen, TO; Mardis, ER; Ellis, MJ (2018-09-04)
      Here we report targeted sequencing of 83 genes using DNA from primary breast cancer samples from 625 postmenopausal (UBC-TAM series) and 328 premenopausal (MA12 trial) hormone receptor-positive (HR+) patients to determine ...