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    • MK2 Phosphorylates RIPK1 to Prevent TNF-Induced Cell Death. 

      Jaco, I; Annibaldi, A; Lalaoui, N; Wilson, R; Tenev, T; Laurien, L; Kim, C; Jamal, K; Wicky John, S; Liccardi, G; Chau, D; Murphy, JM; Brumatti, G; Feltham, R; Pasparakis, M; Silke, J; Meier, P (2017-06)
      TNF is an inflammatory cytokine that upon binding to its receptor, TNFR1, can drive cytokine production, cell survival, or cell death. TNFR1 stimulation causes activation of NF-κB, p38α, and its downstream effector kinase ...
    • The CST Complex Mediates End Protection at Double-Strand Breaks and Promotes PARP Inhibitor Sensitivity in BRCA1-Deficient Cells. 

      Barazas, M; Annunziato, S; Pettitt, SJ; de Krijger, I; Ghezraoui, H; Roobol, SJ; Lutz, C; Frankum, J; Song, FF; Brough, R; Evers, B; Gogola, E; Bhin, J; van de Ven, M; van Gent, DC; Jacobs, JJL; Chapman, R; Lord, CJ; Jonkers, J; Rottenberg, S (2018-05)
      Selective elimination of BRCA1-deficient cells by inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) is a prime example of the concept of synthetic lethality in cancer therapy. This interaction is counteracted by the restoration ...
    • The shieldin complex mediates 53BP1-dependent DNA repair. 

      Noordermeer, SM; Adam, S; Setiaputra, D; Barazas, M; Pettitt, SJ; Ling, AK; Olivieri, M; Álvarez-Quilón, A; Moatti, N; Zimmermann, M; Annunziato, S; Krastev, DB; Song, F; Brandsma, I; Frankum, J; Brough, R; Sherker, A; Landry, S; Szilard, RK; Munro, MM; McEwan, A; Goullet de Rugy, T; Lin, Z-Y; Hart, T; Moffat, J; Gingras, A-C; Martin, A; van Attikum, H; Jonkers, J; Lord, CJ; Rottenberg, S; Durocher, D (2018-08)
      53BP1 is a chromatin-binding protein that regulates the repair of DNA double-strand breaks by suppressing the nucleolytic resection of DNA termini<sup>1,2</sup>. This function of 53BP1 requires interactions with PTIP<sup>3</sup> ...