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    • Genetic susceptibility to radiation-induced breast cancer after Hodgkin lymphoma. 

      Opstal-van Winden, AWJ; de Haan, HG; Hauptmann, M; Schmidt, MK; Broeks, A; Russell, NS; Janus, CPM; Krol, ADG; van der Baan, FH; De Bruin, ML; van Eggermond, AM; Dennis, J; Anton-Culver, H; Haiman, CA; Sawyer, EJ; Cox, A; Devilee, P; Hooning, MJ; Peto, J; Couch, FJ; Pharoah, P; Orr, N; Easton, DF; Aleman, BMP; Strong, LC; Bhatia, S; Cooke, R; Robison, LL; Swerdlow, AJ; van Leeuwen, FE (2019-03)
      Female Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) patients treated with chest radiotherapy (RT) have a very high risk of breast cancer. The contribution of genetic factors to this risk is unclear. We therefore examined 211 155 germline ...