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    • Pericyte FAK negatively regulates Gas6/Axl signalling to suppress tumour angiogenesis and tumour growth. 

      Lechertier, T; Reynolds, LE; Kim, H; Pedrosa, AR; Gómez-Escudero, J; Muñoz-Félix, JM; Batista, S; Dukinfield, M; Demircioglu, F; Wong, PP; Matchett, KP; Henderson, NC; D'Amico, G; Parsons, M; Harwood, C; Meier, P; Hodivala-Dilke, KM (2020-06-04)
      The overexpression of the protein tyrosine kinase, Focal adhesion kinase (FAK), in endothelial cells has implicated its requirement in angiogenesis and tumour growth, but how pericyte FAK regulates tumour angiogenesis is ...
    • Phosphoproteomic Profiling Reveals ALK and MET as Novel Actionable Targets across Synovial Sarcoma Subtypes. 

      Fleuren, EDG; Vlenterie, M; van der Graaf, WTA; Hillebrandt-Roeffen, MHS; Blackburn, J; Ma, X; Chan, H; Magias, MC; van Erp, A; van Houdt, L; Cebeci, SAS; van de Ven, A; Flucke, UE; Heyer, EE; Thomas, DM; Lord, CJ; Marini, KD; Vaghjiani, V; Mercer, TR; Cain, JE; Wu, J; Versleijen-Jonkers, YMH; Daly, RJ (2017-08)
      Despite intensive multimodal treatment of sarcomas, a heterogeneous group of malignant tumors arising from connective tissue, survival remains poor. Candidate-based targeted treatments have demonstrated limited clinical ...
    • RET Functions as a Dual-Specificity Kinase that Requires Allosteric Inputs from Juxtamembrane Elements. 

      Plaza-Menacho, I; Barnouin, K; Barry, R; Borg, A; Orme, M; Chauhan, R; Mouilleron, S; Martínez-Torres, RJ; Meier, P; McDonald, NQ (2016-12)
      Receptor tyrosine kinases exhibit a variety of activation mechanisms despite highly homologous catalytic domains. Such diversity arises through coupling of extracellular ligand-binding portions with highly variable ...