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    • A novel tankyrase inhibitor, MSC2504877, enhances the effects of clinical CDK4/6 inhibitors. 

      Menon, M; Elliott, R; Bowers, L; Balan, N; Rafiq, R; Costa-Cabral, S; Munkonge, F; Trinidade, I; Porter, R; Campbell, AD; Johnson, ER; Esdar, C; Buchstaller, H-P; Leuthner, B; Rohdich, F; Schneider, R; Sansom, O; Wienke, D; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2019-01-17)
      Inhibition of the PARP superfamily tankyrase enzymes suppresses Wnt/β-catenin signalling in tumour cells. Here, we describe here a novel, drug-like small molecule inhibitor of tankyrase MSC2504877 that inhibits the growth ...
    • Coupling bimolecular PARylation biosensors with genetic screens to identify PARylation targets. 

      Krastev, DB; Pettitt, SJ; Campbell, J; Song, F; Tanos, BE; Stoynov, SS; Ashworth, A; Lord, CJ (2018-05-22)
      Poly (ADP-ribose)ylation is a dynamic protein modification that regulates multiple cellular processes. Here, we describe a system for identifying and characterizing PARylation events that exploits the ability of a PBZ ...