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dc.contributor.authorPadhani, AR
dc.contributor.authorHusband, JE
dc.identifier.citationCLINICAL RADIOLOGY, 2001, 56 pp. 607 - 620
dc.description.abstractMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI), after the administration of an extracellular, gadolinium-based contrast medium, can be used to detect and characterize human tumours. The success of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) is dependent on its ability to demonstrate intrinsic differences between a variety of tissues that affect contrast medium behaviour. Evidence is mounting that DCE-MRI measurements correlate with immunohistochemical surrogates of tumour angiogenesis. DCE-MRI can monitor the effectiveness of a variety of treatments including chemotherapy, hormonal manipulation, radiotherapy and novel therapeutic approaches including antiangiogenic drugs. Kinetic parameters in the treatment setting have been correlated with histopathological outcome and patient survival. This article reviews quantification analysis of these studies together with current and future clinical applications. (C) 2001 The Royal College of Radiologists.
dc.format.extent607 - 620
dc.publisherW B SAUNDERS CO LTD
dc.titleDynamic contrast-enhanced MRI studies in oncology with an emphasis on quantification, validation and human studies
dc.typeJournal Article
rioxxterms.typeJournal Article/Review
dc.relation.isPartOfCLINICAL RADIOLOGY
pubs.notesaffiliation: Padhani, AR (Reprint Author), Mt Vernon Hosp, Paul Strickland Scanner Ctr, Rickmansworth Rd, Northwood HA6 2RN, Middx, England. Inst Canc Res & Royal Marsden NHS Trust, CRC, Clin Magnet Resonance Res Grp, Sutton, Surrey, England. keywords: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); contrast enhancement; vascular permeability; perfusion keywords-plus: ENDOTHELIAL GROWTH-FACTOR; CEREBRAL BLOOD-VOLUME; TURBOFLASH SUBTRACTION TECHNIQUE; URINARY-BLADDER CANCER; GD-DTPA ENHANCEMENT; TUMOR ANGIOGENESIS; BREAST-CANCER; SUSCEPTIBILITY-CONTRAST; PHARMACOKINETIC ANALYSIS; VASCULAR-PERMEABILITY research-areas: Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging web-of-science-categories: Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging number-of-cited-references: 135 times-cited: 162 usage-count-last-180-days: 3 usage-count-since-2013: 15 journal-iso: Clin. Radiol. doc-delivery-number: 465VX unique-id: ISI:000170611600001 da: 2018-07-27
pubs.notesNot known
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/Royal Marsden Clinical Units
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/Royal Marsden Clinical Units
pubs.embargo.termsNot known
dc.contributor.icrauthorPadhani, Anwaren

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