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dc.contributor.authorMatutes, Een_US
dc.contributor.authorPickl, WFen_US
dc.contributor.authorvan t Veer, Men_US
dc.contributor.authorMorilla, Ren_US
dc.contributor.authorSwansbury, Jen_US
dc.contributor.authorStrobl, Hen_US
dc.contributor.authorAttarbaschi, Aen_US
dc.contributor.authorHopfinger, Gen_US
dc.contributor.authorAshley, Sen_US
dc.contributor.authorBene, MCen_US
dc.contributor.authorPorwit, Aen_US
dc.contributor.authorOrfao, Aen_US
dc.contributor.authorLemez, Pen_US
dc.contributor.authorSchabath, Ren_US
dc.contributor.authorLudwig, W-Den_US
dc.identifier.citationBLOOD, 2011, 117 pp. 3163 - 3171en_US
dc.description.abstractThe features of 100 mixed-phenotype acute leukemias (MPALs), fulfilling WHO 2008 criteria, are documented. Myeloid and T-lineage features were demonstrated by cytoplasmic myeloperoxidase and CD3; B-lineage features were demonstrated by at least 2 B-lymphoid markers. There were 62 men and 38 women; 68% were adults. Morphology was consistent with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL; 43%), acute myeloid leukemia (AML; 42%), or inconclusive (15%). Immunophenotyping disclosed B + myeloid (59%), T + myeloid (35%), B + T (4%), or trilineage (2%) combinations. Cytogenetics evidenced t(9; 22)/(Ph(+)) (20%), 11q23/MLL rearrangements (8%), complex (32%), aberrant (27%), or normal (13%) karyotypes. There was no correlation between age, morphology, immunophenotype, or cytogenetics. Response to treatment and outcome were available for 67 and 70 patients, respectively; 27 received ALL, 34 AML, 5 a combination of ALL + AML therapy, and 1 imatinib. ALL treatment induced a response in 85%, AML therapy in 41%; 3 of 5 patients responded to the combination therapy. Forty (58%) patients died, 33 of resistant disease. Overall median survival was 18 months and 37% of patients are alive at 5 years. Age, Ph(+), and AML therapy were predictors for poor outcome (P<.001; P=.002; P=.003). MPAL is confirmed to be a poor-risk disease. Adults and Ph(+) patients should be considered for transplantation in first remission. (Blood. 2011; 117(11): 3163-3171)en_US
dc.format.extent3163 - 3171en_US
dc.titleMixed-phenotype acute leukemia: clinical and laboratory features and outcome in 100 patients defined according to the WHO 2008 classificationen_US
dc.typeJournal Article
rioxxterms.typeJournal Article/Reviewen_US
pubs.notesaffiliation: Matutes, E (Reprint Author), Royal Marsden Hosp, Haematooncol Unit, Dept Haematooncol, Inst Canc Res, 203 Fulham Rd, London SW3 6JJ, England. Matutes, Estella, Royal Marsden Hosp, Haematooncol Unit, Dept Haematooncol, Inst Canc Res, London SW3 6JJ, England. Pickl, Winfried F.; Strobl, Herbert, Med Univ Vienna, Inst Immunol, Ctr Pathophysiol Infectiol & Immunol, Vienna, Austria. Attarbaschi, Andishe, St Anna Childrens Hosp, A-1090 Vienna, Austria. van’t Veer, Mars, Erasmus MC, Dept Haematol, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Hopfinger, Georg, Hanusch Hosp, Dept Med 3, Vienna, Austria. Ashley, Sue, Royal Marsden Hosp, Inst Canc Res, Dept Stat, London SW3 6JJ, England. Bene, Marie Christine, Ctr Hosp Univ CHU, Nancy, France. Bene, Marie Christine, Nancy Univ, Fac Med, Nancy, France. Porwit, Anna, Karolinska Inst, Stockholm, Sweden. Porwit, Anna, Karolinska Univ Hosp, Dept Pathol, Stockholm, Sweden. Orfao, Alberto, Univ Salamanca, Dept Med, E-37008 Salamanca, Spain. Orfao, Alberto, Univ Salamanca, Canc Res Ctr IBMCC USAL CSIC, Cytometry Serv, E-37008 Salamanca, Spain. Lemez, Petr, Hosp Jihlava, Dept Hematol Transfusiol, Jihlava, Czech Republic. Schabath, Richard; Ludwig, Wolf-Dieter, HELIOS Clin Berlin Buch, Dept Hematol Oncol & Tumor Immunol, Berlin, Germany. keywords-plus: BIPHENOTYPIC ACUTE-LEUKEMIA; ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC-LEUKEMIA; MYELOID DIFFERENTIATION; LINEAGE-LEUKEMIA; CHILDREN; CYTOGENETICS; PROGENITORS; EXPRESSION; PROGNOSIS; ENTITY research-areas: Hematology web-of-science-categories: Hematology author-email: researcherid-numbers: Pickl, Winfried/E-5682-2011 number-of-cited-references: 31 times-cited: 87 usage-count-last-180-days: 0 usage-count-since-2013: 8 journal-iso: Blood doc-delivery-number: 736LN unique-id: ISI:000288496300027 oa: gold_or_bronze da: 2018-08-14en_US
pubs.notesNot knownen_US
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions/Clinical Studies
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions/Clinical Studies/Molecular Haematology (including Cytogenetics Group and Cell Markers)
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions/Molecular Pathology
pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions/Molecular Pathology/Molecular Haematology (including Cytogenetics Group and Cell Markers)
pubs.embargo.termsNot knownen_US
icr.researchteamMolecular Haematology (including Cytogenetics Group and Cell Markers)en_US
dc.contributor.icrauthorMatutes, Estellaen_US
dc.contributor.icrauthorMorilla, Ricardoen_US

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