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dc.contributor.authorTaylor, IWen_US
dc.contributor.authorLinding, Ren_US
dc.contributor.authorWarde-Farley, Den_US
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Yen_US
dc.contributor.authorPesquita, Cen_US
dc.contributor.authorFaria, Den_US
dc.contributor.authorBull, Sen_US
dc.contributor.authorPawson, Ten_US
dc.contributor.authorMorris, Qen_US
dc.contributor.authorWrana, JLen_US
dc.identifier.citationNATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2009, 27 pp. 199 - 204en_US
dc.description.abstractChanges in the biochemical wiring of oncogenic cells drives phenotypic transformations that directly affect disease outcome. Here we examine the dynamic structure of the human protein interaction network (interactome) to determine whether changes in the organization of the interactome can be used to predict patient outcome. An analysis of hub proteins identified intermodular hub proteins that are co-expressed with their interacting partners in a tissue-restricted manner and intramodular hub proteins that are co-expressed with their interacting partners in all or most tissues. Substantial differences in biochemical structure were observed between the two types of hubs. Signaling domains were found more often in intermodular hub proteins, which were also more frequently associated with oncogenesis. Analysis of two breast cancer patient cohorts revealed that altered modularity of the human interactome may be useful as an indicator of breast cancer prognosis.en_US
dc.format.extent199 - 204en_US
dc.titleDynamic modularity in protein interaction networks predicts breast cancer outcomeen_US
dc.typeJournal Article
rioxxterms.typeJournal Article/Reviewen_US
pubs.notesaffiliation: Wrana, JL (Reprint Author), Mt Sinai Hosp, Samuel Lunenfeld Res Inst, 600 Univ Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5, Canada. Taylor, Ian W.; Linding, Rune; Liu, Yongmei; Bull, Shelley; Pawson, Tony; Wrana, Jeffrey L., Mt Sinai Hosp, Samuel Lunenfeld Res Inst, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5, Canada. Taylor, Ian W.; Pawson, Tony; Wrana, Jeffrey L., Univ Toronto, Dept Mol Genet, Toronto, ON M5S 1A8, Canada. Linding, Rune, Inst Canc Res, Sect Cell, Mol & Syst Sect, Cellular & Mol Log Team, London SW3 6JB, England. Warde-Farley, David; Morris, Quaid, Terrence Donnelly Ctr Cellular & Biomol Res, Toronto, ON M5S 3E1, Canada. Warde-Farley, David; Morris, Quaid, Univ Toronto, Dept Comp Sci, Toronto, ON M5S 3G4, Canada. Pesquita, Catia; Faria, Daniel, Univ Lisbon, Fac Sci, P-1749016 Lisbon, Portugal. Bull, Shelley, Univ Toronto, Sch Publ Hlth, Toronto, ON M5T 3M7, Canada. keywords-plus: INTERACTION DATABASE; DATA SETS; EXPRESSION; SIGNATURE; BIOLOGY; GENES; CELLS; TOOL research-areas: Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology web-of-science-categories: Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology author-email: researcherid-numbers: Bull, Shelley/A-1920-2013 Wrana, Jeffrey/F-8857-2013 Pesquita, Catia/O-8883-2015 Pawson, Tony/E-4578-2013 orcid-numbers: Pesquita, Catia/0000-0002-1847-9393 Faria, Daniel/0000-0003-1511-277X number-of-cited-references: 35 times-cited: 427 usage-count-last-180-days: 2 usage-count-since-2013: 52 journal-iso: Nat. Biotechnol. doc-delivery-number: 405FT unique-id: ISI:000263209000027 da: 2018-08-29en_US
pubs.notesNot knownen_US
pubs.embargo.termsNot knownen_US
dc.contributor.icrauthorLinding, Runeen_US

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