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dc.contributor.authorWatson, Men_US
dc.identifier.citationCURRENT SCIENCE, 2001, 81 pp. 566 - 570en_US
dc.description.abstractThere are many dimensions to psychosocial, issues in cancer; two of which are focused here and relate to (i) the question of whether psychological factors play any role in cancer prognosis, and (ii) the quality of triage for serious psychological morbidity. These two may be inter-linked. If seriously depressed patients have a poorer outlook in relation to their length of survival then it is important to know whether depression gets diagnosed and treated. The view that psychological responses, such as depression, may be linked to disease course in cancer has always been controversial and never more so, than at the present time when medicine strives to be evidence based. That psyche or the ‘mind’ can influence somatic disorders such as cancer is perceived sometimes as a step back into the past when ‘healers’ or quacks practiced treatments that called upon the strengths of the ‘mind’ to effect a cure. So, what evidence is there that psychological variables impact upon cancer? What evidence is there that serious depression is accurately diagnosed? What is the best way to treat diagnosed depression in people with cancer? The evidence will be summarily reviewed.en_US
dc.format.extent566 - 570en_US
dc.titlePsychosocial issues in canceren_US
dc.typeJournal Article
rioxxterms.typeJournal Article/Reviewen_US
dc.relation.isPartOfCURRENT SCIENCEen_US
pubs.notesaffiliation: Watson, M (Reprint Author), Royal Marsden Hosp, Downs Rd, Sutton SM2 5PT, Surrey, England. Royal Marsden Hosp, Sutton SM2 5PT, Surrey, England. keywords-plus: BREAST-CANCER; PSYCHOLOGICAL MORBIDITY; PSYCHIATRIC MORBIDITY; FOLLOW-UP; DEPRESSION; ANXIETY; MASTECTOMY; PREVALENCE; PHYSICIANS; DISTRESS research-areas: Science & Technology - Other Topics web-of-science-categories: Multidisciplinary Sciences author-email: [email protected] number-of-cited-references: 38 times-cited: 4 usage-count-last-180-days: 0 usage-count-since-2013: 2 journal-iso: Curr. Sci. doc-delivery-number: 476BH unique-id: ISI:000171206000031 oa: gold da: 2018-09-24en_US
pubs.notesNot knownen_US
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pubs.organisational-group/ICR/Primary Group/ICR Divisions/Closed research teams/Psychology Research Group
pubs.embargo.termsNot knownen_US
icr.researchteamPsychology Research Groupen_US
dc.contributor.icrauthorWatson, Maggieen_US

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