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    • Ubiquitylation of MLKL at lysine 219 positively regulates necroptosis-induced tissue injury and pathogen clearance. 

      Garcia, LR; Tenev, T; Newman, R; Haich, RO; Liccardi, G; John, SW; Annibaldi, A; Yu, L; Pardo, M; Young, SN; Fitzgibbon, C; Fernando, W; Guppy, N; Kim, H; Liang, L-Y; Lucet, IS; Kueh, A; Roxanis, I; Gazinska, P; Sims, M; Smyth, T; Ward, G; Bertin, J; Beal, AM; Geddes, B; Choudhary, JS; Murphy, JM; Aurelia Ball, K; Upton, JW; Meier, P (2021-06-07)
      Necroptosis is a lytic, inflammatory form of cell death that not only contributes to pathogen clearance but can also lead to disease pathogenesis. Necroptosis is triggered by RIPK3-mediated phosphorylation of MLKL, which ...