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    • Genomic Determinants of Protein Abundance Variation in Colorectal Cancer Cells. 

      Roumeliotis, TI; Williams, SP; Gonçalves, E; Alsinet, C; Del Castillo Velasco-Herrera, M; Aben, N; Ghavidel, FZ; Michaut, M; Schubert, M; Price, S; Wright, JC; Yu, L; Yang, M; Dienstmann, R; Guinney, J; Beltrao, P; Brazma, A; Pardo, M; Stegle, O; Adams, DJ; Wessels, L; Saez-Rodriguez, J; McDermott, U; Choudhary, JS (2017-08)
      Assessing the impact of genomic alterations on protein networks is fundamental in identifying the mechanisms that shape cancer heterogeneity. We have used isobaric labeling to characterize the proteomic landscapes of 50 ...