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    • Discovery of naturally occurring ESR1 mutations in breast cancer cell lines modelling endocrine resistance. 

      Martin, L-A; Ribas, R; Simigdala, N; Schuster, E; Pancholi, S; Tenev, T; Gellert, P; Buluwela, L; Harrod, A; Thornhill, A; Nikitorowicz-Buniak, J; Bhamra, A; Turgeon, M-O; Poulogiannis, G; Gao, Q; Martins, V; Hills, M; Garcia-Murillas, I; Fribbens, C; Patani, N; Li, Z; Sikora, MJ; Turner, N; Zwart, W; Oesterreich, S; Carroll, J; Ali, S; Dowsett, M (2017-11-30)
      Resistance to endocrine therapy remains a major clinical problem in breast cancer. Genetic studies highlight the potential role of estrogen receptor-α (ESR1) mutations, which show increased prevalence in the metastatic, ...