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    • Origin licensing requires ATP binding and hydrolysis by the MCM replicative helicase. 

      Coster, G; Frigola, J; Beuron, F; Morris, EP; Diffley, JFX (2014-09)
      Loading of the six related Minichromosome Maintenance (MCM) proteins as head-to-head double hexamers during DNA replication origin licensing is crucial for ensuring once-per-cell-cycle DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. ...
    • Up-regulation of WNT-4 signaling and dosage-sensitive sex reversal in humans. 

      Jordan, BK; Mohammed, M; Ching, ST; Délot, E; Chen, XN; Dewing, P; Swain, A; Rao, PN; Elejalde, BR; Vilain, E (2001-05)
      Wnt-4, a member of the Wnt family of locally acting secreted growth factors, is the first signaling molecule shown to influence the sex-determination cascade. In mice, a targeted deletion of Wnt-4 causes the masculinization ...