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    • Variation in the CTLA4/CD28 gene region confers an increased risk of coeliac disease. 

      Popat, S; Hearle, N; Hogberg, L; Braegger, CP; O'Donoghue, D; Falth-Magnusson, K; Holmes, GKT; Howdle, PD; Jenkins, H; Johnston, S; Kennedy, NP; Kumar, PJ; Logan, RFA; Marsh, MN; Mulder, CJ; Torinsson Naluai, A; Sjoberg, K; Stenhammar, L; Walters, JRF; Jewell, DP; Houlston, RS (2002-03)
      Susceptibility to coeliac disease involves HLA and non-HLA-linked genes. The CTLA4/CD28 gene region encodes immune regulatory T-cell surface molecules and is a strong candidate as a susceptibility locus. We evaluated ...