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    • Insertion-and-deletion-derived tumour-specific neoantigens and the immunogenic phenotype: a pan-cancer analysis. 

      Turajlic, S; Litchfield, K; Xu, H; Rosenthal, R; McGranahan, N; Reading, JL; Wong, YNS; Rowan, A; Kanu, N; Al Bakir, M; Chambers, T; Salgado, R; Savas, P; Loi, S; Birkbak, NJ; Sansregret, L; Gore, M; Larkin, J; Quezada, SA; Swanton, C (2017-08)
      Background The focus of tumour-specific antigen analyses has been on single nucleotide variants (SNVs), with the contribution of small insertions and deletions (indels) less well characterised. We investigated whether the ...