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    • An Evolving Algorithm to Select and Sequence Therapies in EGFR Mutation-positive NSCLC: A Strategic Approach. 

      Melosky, B; Popat, S; Gandara, DR (2018-01)
      The optimal treatment sequence for patients with metastatic epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation-positive (EGFR-M<sup>+</sup>) non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) continues to evolve, related largely to an ...
    • Exploiting evolutionary steering to induce collateral drug sensitivity in cancer. 

      Acar, A; Nichol, D; Fernandez-Mateos, J; Cresswell, GD; Barozzi, I; Hong, SP; Trahearn, N; Spiteri, I; Stubbs, M; Burke, R; Stewart, A; Caravagna, G; Werner, B; Vlachogiannis, G; Maley, CC; Magnani, L; Valeri, N; Banerji, U; Sottoriva, A (2020-04-21)
      Drug resistance mediated by clonal evolution is arguably the biggest problem in cancer therapy today. However, evolving resistance to one drug may come at a cost of decreased fecundity or increased sensitivity to another ...
    • Reversing resistance to targeted therapy. 

      Vidal, L; Attard, G; Kaye, S; De Bono, J (2004-11)
      The development of molecular targeted anticancer drugs is rapidly changing cancer therapeutics. However, drug resistance to these novel agents remains a real clinical concern. Reports now indicate that resistance to many ...