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    • Individual patient data meta-analysis shows a significant association between the ATM rs1801516 SNP and toxicity after radiotherapy in 5456 breast and prostate cancer patients. 

      Andreassen, CN; Rosenstein, BS; Kerns, SL; Ostrer, H; De Ruysscher, D; Cesaretti, JA; Barnett, GC; Dunning, AM; Dorling, L; West, CML; Burnet, NG; Elliott, R; Coles, C; Hall, E; Fachal, L; Vega, A; Gómez-Caamaño, A; Talbot, CJ; Symonds, RP; De Ruyck, K; Thierens, H; Ost, P; Chang-Claude, J; Seibold, P; Popanda, O; Overgaard, M; Dearnaley, D; Sydes, MR; Azria, D; Koch, CA; Parliament, M; Blackshaw, M; Sia, M; Fuentes-Raspall, MJ; Ramon Y Cajal, T; Barnadas, A; Vesprini, D; Gutiérrez-Enríquez, S; Mollà, M; Díez, O; Yarnold, JR; Overgaard, J; Bentzen, SM; Alsner, J; International Radiogenomics Consortium (RgC) (2016-12)
      <h4>Purpose</h4>Several small studies have indicated that the ATM rs1801516 SNP is associated with risk of normal tissue toxicity after radiotherapy. However, the findings have not been consistent. In order to test this ...