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    • Germline mutations in the PAF1 complex gene CTR9 predispose to Wilms tumour. 

      Hanks, S; Perdeaux, ER; Seal, S; Ruark, E; Mahamdallie, SS; Murray, A; Ramsay, E; Del Vecchio Duarte, S; Zachariou, A; de Souza, B; Warren-Perry, M; Elliott, A; Davidson, A; Price, H; Stiller, C; Pritchard-Jones, K; Rahman, N (2014-08-07)
      Wilms tumour is a childhood kidney cancer. Here we identify inactivating CTR9 mutations in 3 of 35 Wilms tumour families, through exome and Sanger sequencing. By contrast, no similar mutations are present in 1,000 population ...
    • Renal cell carcinoma. 

      Hsieh, JJ; Purdue, MP; Signoretti, S; Swanton, C; Albiges, L; Schmidinger, M; Heng, DY; Larkin, J; Ficarra, V (2017-03-09)
      Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) denotes cancer originated from the renal epithelium and accounts for >90% of cancers in the kidney. The disease encompasses >10 histological and molecular subtypes, of which clear cell RCC (ccRCC) ...