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    • Androgen Receptor Variants Mediate DNA Repair after Prostate Cancer Irradiation. 

      Yin, Y; Li, R; Xu, K; Ding, S; Li, J; Baek, G; Ramanand, SG; Ding, S; Liu, Z; Gao, Y; Kanchwala, MS; Li, X; Hutchinson, R; Liu, X; Woldu, SL; Xing, C; Desai, NB; Feng, FY; Burma, S; de Bono, JS; Dehm, SM; Mani, RS; Chen, BPC; Raj, GV (2017-09)
      In prostate cancer, androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) enhances the cytotoxic effects of radiotherapy. This effect is associated with weakening of the DNA damage response (DDR) normally supported by the androgen receptor. ...
    • p53 Loss in MYC-Driven Neuroblastoma Leads to Metabolic Adaptations Supporting Radioresistance. 

      Yogev, O; Barker, K; Sikka, A; Almeida, GS; Hallsworth, A; Smith, LM; Jamin, Y; Ruddle, R; Koers, A; Webber, HT; Raynaud, FI; Popov, S; Jones, C; Petrie, K; Robinson, SP; Keun, HC; Chesler, L (2016-05)
      Neuroblastoma is the most common childhood extracranial solid tumor. In high-risk cases, many of which are characterized by amplification of MYCN, outcome remains poor. Mutations in the p53 (TP53) tumor suppressor are rare ...