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    • Meta-analysis of Genome Wide Association Studies Identifies Genetic Markers of Late Toxicity Following Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer. 

      Kerns, SL; Dorling, L; Fachal, L; Bentzen, S; Pharoah, PDP; Barnes, DR; Gómez-Caamaño, A; Carballo, AM; Dearnaley, DP; Peleteiro, P; Gulliford, SL; Hall, E; Michailidou, K; Carracedo, Á; Sia, M; Stock, R; Stone, NN; Sydes, MR; Tyrer, JP; Ahmed, S; Parliament, M; Ostrer, H; Rosenstein, BS; Vega, A; Burnet, NG; Dunning, AM; Barnett, GC; West, CML; Radiogenomics Consortium (2016-08)
      Nearly 50% of cancer patients undergo radiotherapy. Late radiotherapy toxicity affects quality-of-life in long-term cancer survivors and risk of side-effects in a minority limits doses prescribed to the majority of patients. ...