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    • Enhancer invasion shapes MYCN-dependent transcriptional amplification in neuroblastoma. 

      Zeid, R; Lawlor, MA; Poon, E; Reyes, JM; Fulciniti, M; Lopez, MA; Scott, TG; Nabet, B; Erb, MA; Winter, GE; Jacobson, Z; Polaski, DR; Karlin, KL; Hirsch, RA; Munshi, NP; Westbrook, TF; Chesler, L; Lin, CY; Bradner, JE (2018-04)
      Amplification of the locus encoding the oncogenic transcription factor MYCN is a defining feature of high-risk neuroblastoma. Here we present the first dynamic chromatin and transcriptional landscape of MYCN perturbation ...
    • Structural basis of N-Myc binding by Aurora-A and its destabilization by kinase inhibitors. 

      Richards, MW; Burgess, SG; Poon, E; Carstensen, A; Eilers, M; Chesler, L; Bayliss, R (2016-11-11)
      Myc family proteins promote cancer by inducing widespread changes in gene expression. Their rapid turnover by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is regulated through phosphorylation of Myc Box I and ubiquitination by the E3 ...