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    • AKT Inhibition in Solid Tumors With AKT1 Mutations. 

      Hyman, DM; Smyth, LM; Donoghue, MTA; Westin, SN; Bedard, PL; Dean, EJ; Bando, H; El-Khoueiry, AB; Pérez-Fidalgo, JA; Mita, A; Schellens, JHM; Chang, MT; Reichel, JB; Bouvier, N; Selcuklu, SD; Soumerai, TE; Torrisi, J; Erinjeri, JP; Ambrose, H; Barrett, JC; Dougherty, B; Foxley, A; Lindemann, JPO; McEwen, R; Pass, M; Schiavon, G; Berger, MF; Chandarlapaty, S; Solit, DB; Banerji, U; Baselga, J; Taylor, BS (2017-07)
      Purpose AKT1 E17K mutations are oncogenic and occur in many cancers at a low prevalence. We performed a multihistology basket study of AZD5363, an ATP-competitive pan-AKT kinase inhibitor, to determine the preliminary ...
    • A phase I pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of the oral mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK) inhibitor, WX-554, in patients with advanced solid tumours. 

      Jamieson, D; Griffin, MJ; Sludden, J; Drew, Y; Cresti, N; Swales, K; Merriman, M; Allen, R; Bevan, P; Buerkle, M; Mala, C; Coyle, V; Rodgers, L; Dean, E; Greystoke, A; Banerji, U; Wilson, RH; Evans, TRJ; Anthoney, A; Ranson, M; Boddy, AV; Plummer, R (2016-11)
      PURPOSE:We performed a multi-centre phase I study to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of the orally available small molecule mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK) 1/2 inhibitor, ...