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    • International Myeloma Working Group recommendations for the treatment of multiple myeloma-related bone disease. 

      Terpos, E; Morgan, G; Dimopoulos, MA; Drake, MT; Lentzsch, S; Raje, N; Sezer, O; García-Sanz, R; Shimizu, K; Turesson, I; Reiman, T; Jurczyszyn, A; Merlini, G; Spencer, A; Leleu, X; Cavo, M; Munshi, N; Rajkumar, SV; Durie, BGM; Roodman, GD (2013-06)
      The aim of the International Myeloma Working Group was to develop practice recommendations for the management of multiple myeloma (MM) -related bone disease.An interdisciplinary panel of clinical experts on MM and myeloma ...