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    • CHD1 loss sensitizes prostate cancer to DNA damaging therapy by promoting error-prone double-strand break repair. 

      Shenoy, TR; Boysen, G; Wang, MY; Xu, QZ; Guo, W; Koh, FM; Wang, C; Zhang, LZ; Wang, Y; Gil, V; Aziz, S; Christova, R; Rodrigues, DN; Crespo, M; Rescigno, P; Tunariu, N; Riisnaes, R; Zafeiriou, Z; Flohr, P; Yuan, W; Knight, E; Swain, A; Ramalho-Santos, M; Xu, DY; de Bono, J; Wu, H (2017-07-01)
      Background: Deletion of the chromatin remodeler chromodomain helicase DNA-binding protein 1 (CHD1) is a common genomic alteration found in human prostate cancers (PCas). CHD1 loss represents a distinct PCa subtype characterized ...
    • Test of association between variant tgβ1 alleles and late adverse effects of breast radiotherapy. 

      Martin, S; Sydenham, M; Haviland, J; A'Hern, R; Owen, R; Bliss, J; Yarnold, J (2010-10)
      PURPOSE: To test for association between single nucleotide polymorphisms at the TGFβ1 locus and the risk of late normal tissue injury following whole breast radiotherapy. METHODS: A retrospective study compared the number ...