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    • ATR Inhibition Potentiates the Radiation-induced Inflammatory Tumor Microenvironment. 

      Dillon, MT; Bergerhoff, KF; Pedersen, M; Whittock, H; Crespo-Rodriguez, E; Patin, EC; Pearson, A; Smith, HG; Paget, JTE; Patel, RR; Foo, S; Bozhanova, G; Ragulan, C; Fontana, E; Desai, K; Wilkins, AC; Sadanandam, A; Melcher, A; McLaughlin, M; Harrington, KJ (2019-06)
      PURPOSE:ATR inhibitors (ATRi) are in early phase clinical trials and have been shown to sensitize to chemotherapy and radiotherapy preclinically. Limited data have been published about the effect of these drugs on the tumor ...
    • Patient-derived organoids model treatment response of metastatic gastrointestinal cancers. 

      Vlachogiannis, G; Hedayat, S; Vatsiou, A; Jamin, Y; Fernández-Mateos, J; Khan, K; Lampis, A; Eason, K; Huntingford, I; Burke, R; Rata, M; Koh, D-M; Tunariu, N; Collins, D; Hulkki-Wilson, S; Ragulan, C; Spiteri, I; Moorcraft, SY; Chau, I; Rao, S; Watkins, D; Fotiadis, N; Bali, M; Darvish-Damavandi, M; Lote, H; Eltahir, Z; Smyth, EC; Begum, R; Clarke, PA; Hahne, JC; Dowsett, M; de Bono, J; Workman, P; Sadanandam, A; Fassan, M; Sansom, OJ; Eccles, S; Starling, N; Braconi, C; Sottoriva, A; Robinson, SP; Cunningham, D; Valeri, N (2018-02)
      Patient-derived organoids (PDOs) have recently emerged as robust preclinical models; however, their potential to predict clinical outcomes in patients has remained unclear. We report on a living biobank of PDOs from ...