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    • p53 Loss in MYC-Driven Neuroblastoma Leads to Metabolic Adaptations Supporting Radioresistance. 

      Yogev, O; Barker, K; Sikka, A; Almeida, GS; Hallsworth, A; Smith, LM; Jamin, Y; Ruddle, R; Koers, A; Webber, HT; Raynaud, FI; Popov, S; Jones, C; Petrie, K; Robinson, SP; Keun, HC; Chesler, L (2016-05)
      Neuroblastoma is the most common childhood extracranial solid tumor. In high-risk cases, many of which are characterized by amplification of MYCN, outcome remains poor. Mutations in the p53 (TP53) tumor suppressor are rare ...