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    • Opportunities for research in molecular radiotherapy. 

      Flux, GD; O'Sullivan, J; Gaze, MN; Prise, KM (2017-03)
      Cancer has been treated with radiopharmaceuticals for 80 years. A recent National Cancer Research Institute report from the Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group reviews the current status of ...
    • Starting the fight in the tumor: expert recommendations for the development of human intratumoral immunotherapy (HIT-IT). 

      Marabelle, A; Andtbacka, R; Harrington, K; Melero, I; Leidner, R; de Baere, T; Robert, C; Ascierto, PA; Baurain, J-F; Imperiale, M; Rahimian, S; Tersago, D; Klumper, E; Hendriks, M; Kumar, R; Stern, M; Öhrling, K; Massacesi, C; Tchakov, I; Tse, A; Douillard, J-Y; Tabernero, J; Haanen, J; Brody, J (2018-11)
      A European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)-sponsored expert meeting was held in Paris on 8 March 2018 which comprised 11 experts from academia, 11 experts from the pharmaceutical industry and 2 clinicians who were ...