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    • Computer-assisted diagnosis techniques (dermoscopy and spectroscopy-based) for diagnosing skin cancer in adults. 

      Ferrante di Ruffano, L; Takwoingi, Y; Dinnes, J; Chuchu, N; Bayliss, SE; Davenport, C; Matin, RN; Godfrey, K; O'Sullivan, C; Gulati, A; Chan, SA; Durack, A; O'Connell, S; Gardiner, MD; Bamber, J; Deeks, JJ; Williams, HC; Cochrane Skin Cancer Diagnostic Test Accuracy Group (2018-12-04)
      Background Early accurate detection of all skin cancer types is essential to guide appropriate management and to improve morbidity and survival. Melanoma and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) are high-risk skin ...