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    • Prostate cancer segregation analyses using 4390 families from UK and Australian population-based studies. 

      MacInnis, RJ; Antoniou, AC; Eeles, RA; Severi, G; Guy, M; McGuffog, L; Hall, AL; O'Brien, LT; Wilkinson, RA; Dearnaley, DP; Ardern-Jones, AT; Horwich, A; Khoo, VS; Parker, CC; Huddart, RA; McCredie, MR; Smith, C; Southey, MC; Staples, MP; English, DR; Hopper, JL; Giles, GG; Easton, DF (2010-01)
      Familial aggregation of prostate cancer is likely to be due to multiple susceptibility loci, perhaps acting in conjunction with shared lifestyle risk factors. Models that assume a single mode of inheritance may be unrealistic. ...