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    • Desmoid fibromatosis through the patients' eyes: time to change the focus and organisation of care? 

      Husson, O; Younger, E; Dunlop, A; Dean, L; Strauss, DC; Benson, C; Hayes, AJ; Miah, A; van Houdt, W; Zaidi, S; Smith, M; Williams, J; Jones, RL; van der Graaf, WTA (2019-03)
      Purpose Desmoid fibromatosis (DF) is a rare, unpredictable disease with no established, evidence-based treatments. Individual management is based on consensus algorithms. This study aimed to examine the specific health-related ...
    • DNA-Repair Defects and Olaparib in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. 

      Mateo, J; Carreira, S; Sandhu, S; Miranda, S; Mossop, H; Perez-Lopez, R; Nava Rodrigues, D; Robinson, D; Omlin, A; Tunariu, N; Boysen, G; Porta, N; Flohr, P; Gillman, A; Figueiredo, I; Paulding, C; Seed, G; Jain, S; Ralph, C; Protheroe, A; Hussain, S; Jones, R; Elliott, T; McGovern, U; Bianchini, D; Goodall, J; Zafeiriou, Z; Williamson, CT; Ferraldeschi, R; Riisnaes, R; Ebbs, B; Fowler, G; Roda, D; Yuan, W; Wu, YM; Cao, X; Brough, R; Pemberton, H; A'Hern, R; Swain, A; Kunju, LP; Eeles, R; Attard, G; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A; Rubin, MA; Knudsen, KE; Feng, FY; Chinnaiyan, AM; Hall, E; de Bono, JS
      Prostate cancer is a heterogeneous disease, but current treatments are not based on molecular stratification. We hypothesized that metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancers with DNA-repair defects would respond to ...
    • Nivolumab versus standard, single-agent therapy of investigator's choice in recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (CheckMate 141): health-related quality-of-life results from a randomised, phase 3 trial. 

      Harrington, KJ; Ferris, RL; Blumenschein, G; Colevas, AD; Fayette, J; Licitra, L; Kasper, S; Even, C; Vokes, EE; Worden, F; Saba, NF; Kiyota, N; Haddad, R; Tahara, M; Grünwald, V; Shaw, JW; Monga, M; Lynch, M; Taylor, F; DeRosa, M; Morrissey, L; Cocks, K; Gillison, ML; Guigay, J (2017-08)
      Background Patients with platinum-refractory recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck have few treatment options and poor prognosis. Nivolumab significantly improved survival of this patient ...