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    • Telomere structure and maintenance gene variants and risk of five cancer types. 

      Karami, S; Han, Y; Pande, M; Cheng, I; Rudd, J; Pierce, BL; Nutter, EL; Schumacher, FR; Kote-Jarai, Z; Lindstrom, S; Witte, JS; Fang, S; Han, J; Kraft, P; Hunter, DJ; Song, F; Hung, RJ; McKay, J; Gruber, SB; Chanock, SJ; Risch, A; Shen, H; Haiman, CA; Boardman, L; Ulrich, CM; Casey, G; Peters, U; Amin Al Olama, A; Berchuck, A; Berndt, SI; Bezieau, S; Brennan, P; Brenner, H; Brinton, L; Caporaso, N; Chan, AT; Chang-Claude, J; Christiani, DC; Cunningham, JM; Easton, D; Eeles, RA; Eisen, T; Gala, M; Gallinger, SJ; Gayther, SA; Goode, EL; Grönberg, H; Henderson, BE; Houlston, R; Joshi, AD; Küry, S; Landi, MT; Le Marchand, L; Muir, K; Newcomb, PA; Permuth-Wey, J; Pharoah, P; Phelan, C; Potter, JD; Ramus, SJ; Risch, H; Schildkraut, J; Slattery, ML; Song, H; Wentzensen, N; White, E; Wiklund, F; Zanke, BW; Sellers, TA; Zheng, W; Chatterjee, N; Amos, CI; Doherty, JA; GECCO and the GAME-ON Network: CORECT, DRIVE, ELLIPSE, FOCI, and TRICL (2016-12)
      Telomeres cap chromosome ends, protecting them from degradation, double-strand breaks, and end-to-end fusions. Telomeres are maintained by telomerase, a reverse transcriptase encoded by TERT, and an RNA template encoded ...