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    • Adverse Health Outcomes in Relationship to Hypogonadism After Chemotherapy: A Multicenter Study of Testicular Cancer Survivors. 

      Abu Zaid, M; Dinh, PC; Monahan, PO; Fung, C; El-Charif, O; Feldman, DR; Hamilton, RJ; Vaughn, DJ; Beard, CJ; Cook, R; Althouse, S; Ardeshir-Rouhani-Fard, S; Sesso, HD; Huddart, R; Mushiroda, T; Kubo, M; Dolan, ME; Einhorn, LH; Fossa, SD; Travis, LB; Platinum Study Group (2019-05)
      Background This study examined the prevalence of hypogonadism, its clinical and genetic risk factors, and its relationship to adverse health outcomes (AHOs) in North American testicular cancer survivors (TCS) after modern ...