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    • Genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for B-cell childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 

      Vijayakrishnan, J; Studd, J; Broderick, P; Kinnersley, B; Holroyd, A; Law, PJ; Kumar, R; Allan, JM; Harrison, CJ; Moorman, AV; Vora, A; Roman, E; Rachakonda, S; Kinsey, SE; Sheridan, E; Thompson, PD; Irving, JA; Koehler, R; Hoffmann, P; Nöthen, MM; Heilmann-Heimbach, S; Jöckel, K-H; Easton, DF; Pharaoh, PDP; Dunning, AM; Peto, J; Canzian, F; Swerdlow, A; Eeles, RA; Kote-Jarai, Z; Muir, K; Pashayan, N; PRACTICAL Consortium; Greaves, M; Zimmerman, M; Bartram, CR; Schrappe, M; Stanulla, M; Hemminki, K; Houlston, RS (2018-04-09)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have advanced our understanding of susceptibility to B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL); however, much of the heritable risk remains unidentified. Here, we perform ...
    • Prostate cancer risk regions at 8q24 and 17q24 are differentially associated with somatic TMPRSS2:ERG fusion status. 

      Luedeke, M; Rinckleb, AE; FitzGerald, LM; Geybels, MS; Schleutker, J; Eeles, RA; Teixeira, MR; Cannon-Albright, L; Ostrander, EA; Weikert, S; Herkommer, K; Wahlfors, T; Visakorpi, T; Leinonen, KA; Tammela, TLJ; Cooper, CS; Kote-Jarai, Z; Edwards, S; Goh, CL; McCarthy, F; Parker, C; Flohr, P; Paulo, P; Jerónimo, C; Henrique, R; Krause, H; Wach, S; Lieb, V; Rau, TT; Vogel, W; Kuefer, R; Hofer, MD; Perner, S; Rubin, MA; Agarwal, AM; Easton, DF; Al Olama, AA; Benlloch, S; PRACTICAL consortium; Hoegel, J; Stanford, JL; Maier, C (2016-12)
      Molecular and epidemiological differences have been described between TMPRSS2:ERG fusion-positive and fusion-negative prostate cancer (PrCa). Assuming two molecularly distinct subtypes, we have examined 27 common PrCa risk ...