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    • A new method for the high-precision assessment of tumor changes in response to treatment. 

      Tar, PD; Thacker, NA; Babur, M; Watson, Y; Cheung, S; Little, RA; Gieling, RG; Williams, KJ; O'Connor, JPB (2018-08)
      Motivation:Imaging demonstrates that preclinical and human tumors are heterogeneous, i.e. a single tumor can exhibit multiple regions that behave differently during both development and also in response to treatment. The ...
    • gsSKAT: Rapid gene set analysis and multiple testing correction for rare-variant association studies using weighted linear kernels. 

      Larson, NB; McDonnell, S; Cannon Albright, L; Teerlink, C; Stanford, J; Ostrander, EA; Isaacs, WB; Xu, J; Cooney, KA; Lange, E; Schleutker, J; Carpten, JD; Powell, I; Bailey-Wilson, JE; Cussenot, O; Cancel-Tassin, G; Giles, GG; MacInnis, RJ; Maier, C; Whittemore, AS; Hsieh, C-L; Wiklund, F; Catalona, WJ; Foulkes, W; Mandal, D; Eeles, R; Kote-Jarai, Z; Ackerman, MJ; Olson, TM; Klein, CJ; Thibodeau, SN; Schaid, DJ (2017-05)
      Next-generation sequencing technologies have afforded unprecedented characterization of low-frequency and rare genetic variation. Due to low power for single-variant testing, aggregative methods are commonly used to combine ...
    • The effect of sample size on polygenic hazard models for prostate cancer. 

      Karunamuni, RA; Huynh-Le, M-P; Fan, CC; Eeles, RA; Easton, DF; Kote-Jarai, Z; Amin Al Olama, A; Benlloch Garcia, S; Muir, K; Gronberg, H; Wiklund, F; Aly, M; Schleutker, J; Sipeky, C; Tammela, TLJ; Nordestgaard, BG; Key, TJ; Travis, RC; Neal, DE; Donovan, JL; Hamdy, FC; Pharoah, P; Pashayan, N; Khaw, K-T; Thibodeau, SN; McDonnell, SK; Schaid, DJ; Maier, C; Vogel, W; Luedeke, M; Herkommer, K; Kibel, AS; Cybulski, C; Wokolorczyk, D; Kluzniak, W; Cannon-Albright, L; Brenner, H; Schöttker, B; Holleczek, B; Park, JY; Sellers, TA; Lin, H-Y; Slavov, C; Kaneva, R; Mitev, V; Batra, J; Clements, JA; Spurdle, A; Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource (APCB); Teixeira, MR; Paulo, P; Maia, S; Pandha, H; Michael, A; Mills, IG; Andreassen, OA; Dale, AM; Seibert, TM; PRACTICAL Consortium
      We determined the effect of sample size on performance of polygenic hazard score (PHS) models in prostate cancer. Age and genotypes were obtained for 40,861 men from the PRACTICAL consortium. The dataset included 201,590 ...