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    • APOBEC3B-mediated corruption of the tumor cell immunopeptidome induces heteroclitic neoepitopes for cancer immunotherapy. 

      Driscoll, CB; Schuelke, MR; Kottke, T; Thompson, JM; Wongthida, P; Tonne, JM; Huff, AL; Miller, A; Shim, KG; Molan, A; Wetmore, C; Selby, P; Samson, A; Harrington, K; Pandha, H; Melcher, A; Pulido, JS; Harris, R; Evgin, L; Vile, RG (2020-02-07)
      APOBEC3B, an anti-viral cytidine deaminase which induces DNA mutations, has been implicated as a mediator of cancer evolution and therapeutic resistance. Mutational plasticity also drives generation of neoepitopes, which ...
    • Suboptimal T-cell Therapy Drives a Tumor Cell Mutator Phenotype That Promotes Escape from First-Line Treatment. 

      Evgin, L; Huff, AL; Kottke, T; Thompson, J; Molan, AM; Driscoll, CB; Schuelke, M; Shim, KG; Wongthida, P; Ilett, EJ; Smith, KK; Harris, RS; Coffey, M; Pulido, JS; Pandha, H; Selby, PJ; Harrington, KJ; Melcher, A; Vile, RG (2019-05)
      Antitumor T-cell responses raised by first-line therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, tumor cell vaccines, and viroimmunotherapy tend to be weak, both quantitatively (low frequency) and qualitatively (low affinity). ...