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    • Rare disruptive mutations in ciliary function genes contribute to testicular cancer susceptibility. 

      Litchfield, K; Levy, M; Dudakia, D; Proszek, P; Shipley, C; Basten, S; Rapley, E; Bishop, DT; Reid, A; Huddart, R; Broderick, P; Castro, DGD; O'Connor, S; Giles, RH; Houlston, RS; Turnbull, C (2016-12-20)
      Testicular germ cell tumour (TGCT) is the most common cancer in young men. Here we sought to identify risk factors for TGCT by performing whole-exome sequencing on 328 TGCT cases from 153 families, 634 sporadic TGCT cases ...