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    • Marital status and prostate cancer incidence: a pooled analysis of 12 case-control studies from the PRACTICAL consortium. 

      Salmon, C; Song, L; Muir, K; UKGPCS Collaborators; Pashayan, N; Dunning, AM; Batra, J; APCB BioResource (Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource); Chambers, S; Stanford, JL; Ostrander, EA; Park, JY; Lin, H-Y; Cussenot, O; Cancel-Tassin, G; Menegaux, F; Cordina-Duverger, E; Kogevinas, M; Llorca, J; Kaneva, R; Slavov, C; Razack, A; Lim, J; Gago-Dominguez, M; Castelao, JE; Kote-Jarai, Z; Eeles, RA; on behalf of the PRACTICAL Consortium; Parent, M-É (2021-07-18)
      While being in a committed relationship is associated with a better prostate cancer prognosis, little is known about how marital status relates to its incidence. Social support provided by marriage/relationship could promote ...