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    • Privileged Structures and Polypharmacology within and between Protein Families. 

      Meyers, J; Chessum, NEA; Ali, S; Mok, NY; Wilding, B; Pasqua, AE; Rowlands, M; Tucker, MJ; Evans, LE; Rye, CS; O'Fee, L; Le Bihan, Y-V; Burke, R; Carter, M; Workman, P; Blagg, J; Brown, N; van Montfort, RLM; Jones, K; Cheeseman, MD (2018-12-13)
      Polypharmacology is often a key contributor to the efficacy of a drug, but is also a potential risk. We investigated two hits discovered via a cell-based phenotypic screen, the CDK9 inhibitor CCT250006 (1) and the pirin ...