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    • Paradox-breaking RAF inhibitors that also target SRC are effective in drug-resistant BRAF mutant melanoma. 

      Girotti, MR; Lopes, F; Preece, N; Niculescu-Duvaz, D; Zambon, A; Davies, L; Whittaker, S; Saturno, G; Viros, A; Pedersen, M; Suijkerbuijk, BMJM; Menard, D; McLeary, R; Johnson, L; Fish, L; Ejiama, S; Sanchez-Laorden, B; Hohloch, J; Carragher, N; Macleod, K; Ashton, G; Marusiak, AA; Fusi, A; Brognard, J; Frame, M; Lorigan, P; Marais, R; Springer, C (2015-01)
      BRAF and MEK inhibitors are effective in BRAF mutant melanoma, but most patients eventually relapse with acquired resistance, and others present intrinsic resistance to these drugs. Resistance is often mediated by pathway ...