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    • Rheo-optics of concentrated kaolinite suspensions 

      Champion, JV; Gate, LF; Meeten, GH; Wood, PR (1996-06-14)
    • EGFR signaling in invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis 

      Box, C; Eccles, SA; Peak, J; Rogers, S (Humana Press, 2008-09-25)
      Tumour invasion and metastasis are the hallmarks of advanced stage cancer and are associated with poor patient prognosis. EGFR is overexpressed in a variety of tumour types and this frequently correlates with a more ...
    • Endovaginal magnetic resonance imaging of stage 1A/1B cervical cancer with A T2- and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance technique: effect of lesion size and previous cone biopsy on tumor detectability. 

      Charles-Edwards, E; Morgan, V; Attygalle, AD; Giles, SL; Ind, TE; Davis, M; Shepherd, J; McWhinney, N; deSouza, NM (2011-03)
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of previous cone biopsy and lesion size on detectability of stage 1a/1b cervical cancer using endovaginal T2- and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. METHODS: One hundred and ...
    • Large-scale genotyping identifies 41 new loci associated with breast cancer risk. 

      Michailidou, K; Hall, P; Gonzalez-Neira, A; Ghoussaini, M; Dennis, J; Milne, RL; Schmidt, MK; Chang-Claude, J; Bojesen, SE; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Dicks, E; Lee, A; Turnbull, C; Rahman, N; Fletcher, O; Peto, J; Gibson, L; Dos Santos Silva, I; Nevanlinna, H; Muranen, TA; Aittomäki, K; Blomqvist, C; Czene, K; Irwanto, A; Liu, J; Waisfisz, Q; Meijers-Heijboer, H; Adank, M; van der Luijt, RB; Hein, R; Dahmen, N; Beckman, L; Meindl, A; Schmutzler, RK; Müller-Myhsok, B; Lichtner, P; Hopper, JL; Southey, MC; Makalic, E; Schmidt, DF; Uitterlinden, AG; Hofman, A; Hunter, DJ; Chanock, SJ; Vincent, D; Bacot, F; Tessier, DC; Canisius, S; Wessels, LF; Haiman, CA; Shah, M; Luben, R; Brown, J; Luccarini, C; Schoof, N; Humphreys, K; Li, J; Nordestgaard, BG; Nielsen, SF; Flyger, H; Couch, FJ; Wang, X; Vachon, C; Stevens, KN; Lambrechts, D; Moisse, M; Paridaens, R; Christiaens, MR; Rudolph, A; Nickels, S; Flesch-Janys, D; Johnson, N; Aitken, Z; Aaltonen, K; Heikkinen, T; Broeks, A; Veer, LJ; van der Schoot, CE; Guénel, P; Truong, T; Laurent-Puig, P; Menegaux, F; Marme, F; Schneeweiss, A; Sohn, C; Burwinkel, B; Zamora, MP; Perez, JI; Pita, G; Alonso, MR; Cox, A; Brock, IW; Cross, SS; Reed, MW; Sawyer, EJ; Tomlinson, I; Kerin, MJ; Miller, N; Henderson, BE; Schumacher, F; Le Marchand, L; Andrulis, IL; Knight, JA; Glendon, G; Mulligan, AM; Lindblom, A; Margolin, S; Hooning, MJ; Hollestelle, A; van den Ouweland, AM; Jager, A; Bui, QM; Stone, J; Dite, GS; Apicella, C; Tsimiklis, H; Giles, GG; Severi, G; Baglietto, L; Fasching, PA; Haeberle, L; Ekici, AB; Beckmann, MW; Brenner, H; Müller, H; Arndt, V; Stegmaier, C; Swerdlow, A; Ashworth, A; Orr, N; Jones, M; Figueroa, J; Lissowska, J; Brinton, L; Goldberg, MS; Labrèche, F; Dumont, M; Winqvist, R; Pylkäs, K; Jukkola-Vuorinen, A; Grip, M; Brauch, H; Hamann, U; Brüning, T; Radice, P; Peterlongo, P; Manoukian, S; Bonanni, B; Devilee, P; Tollenaar, RA; Seynaeve, C; van Asperen, CJ; Jakubowska, A; Lubinski, J; Jaworska, K; Durda, K; Mannermaa, A; Kataja, V; Kosma, VM; Hartikainen, JM; Bogdanova, NV; Antonenkova, NN; Dörk, T; Kristensen, VN; Anton-Culver, H; Slager, S; Toland, AE; Edge, S; Fostira, F; Kang, D; Yoo, KY; Noh, DY; Matsuo, K; Ito, H; Iwata, H; Sueta, A; Wu, AH; Tseng, CC; Van Den Berg, D; Stram, DO; Shu, XO; Lu, W; Gao, YT; Cai, H; Teo, SH; Yip, CH; Phuah, SY; Cornes, BK; Hartman, M; Miao, H; Lim, WY; Sng, JH; Muir, K; Lophatananon, A; Stewart-Brown, S; Siriwanarangsan, P; Shen, CY; Hsiung, CN; Wu, PE; Ding, SL; Sangrajrang, S; Gaborieau, V; Brennan, P; McKay, J; Blot, WJ; Signorello, LB; Cai, Q; Zheng, W; Deming-Halverson, S; Shrubsole, M; Long, J; Simard, J; Garcia-Closas, M; Pharoah, PD; Chenevix-Trench, G; Dunning, AM; Benitez, J; Easton, DF (2013-04)
      Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Common variants at 27 loci have been identified as associated with susceptibility to breast cancer, and these account for ∼9% of the familial risk of the disease. We ...
    • TGFβ-mediated suppression of CD248 in non-cancer cells via canonical Smad-dependent signaling pathways is uncoupled in cancer cells. 

      Suresh Babu, S; Valdez, Y; Xu, A; O'Byrne, AM; Calvo, F; Lei, V; Conway, EM (2014-01)
      BACKGROUND: CD248 is a cell surface glycoprotein, highly expressed by stromal cells and fibroblasts of tumors and inflammatory lesions, but virtually undetectable in healthy adult tissues. CD248 promotes tumorigenesis, ...
    • Diffusion-weighted MRI for detecting prostate tumour in men at increased genetic risk. 

      deSouza, NM; Morgan, VA; Bancroft, E; Sohaib, SA; Giles, SL; Kote-Jarai, Z; Castro, E; Hazell, S; Jafar, M; Eeles, R (2014-01)
      Diffusion-weighted (DW)-MRI is invaluable in detecting prostate cancer. We determined its sensitivity and specificity and established interobserver agreement for detecting tumour in men with a family history of prostate ...
    • Comparison of three reference methods for the measurement of intracellular pH using 31P MRS in healthy volunteers and patients with lymphoma. 

      Rata, M; Giles, SL; deSouza, NM; Leach, MO; Payne, GS (2014-02)
      31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS) can measure intracellular pH (pHi) using the chemical shift difference between pH-dependent inorganic phosphate (Pi) and a pH-independent reference peak. This study compared ...
    • Detection of the prodrug-activating enzyme carboxypeptidase G2 activity with chemical exchange saturation transfer magnetic resonance. 

      Jamin, Y; Eykyn, TR; Poon, E; Springer, CJ; Robinson, SP (2014-04)
      PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate if the differential exchange rates with bulk water between amine and amide protons can be exploited using chemical exchange saturation transfer magnetic resonance (CEST-MR) ...
    • Characterization of the genomic features and expressed fusion genes in micropapillary carcinomas of the breast. 

      Natrajan, R; Wilkerson, PM; Marchiò, C; Piscuoglio, S; Ng, CK; Wai, P; Lambros, MB; Samartzis, EP; Dedes, KJ; Frankum, J; Bajrami, I; Kopec, A; Mackay, A; A'hern, R; Fenwick, K; Kozarewa, I; Hakas, J; Mitsopoulos, C; Hardisson, D; Lord, CJ; Kumar-Sinha, C; Ashworth, A; Weigelt, B; Sapino, A; Chinnaiyan, AM; Maher, CA; Reis-Filho, JS (2014-04)
      Micropapillary carcinoma (MPC) is a rare histological special type of breast cancer, characterized by an aggressive clinical behaviour and a pattern of copy number aberrations (CNAs) distinct from that of grade- and oestrogen ...
    • Preoperative imaging in patients undergoing trachelectomy for cervical cancer: validation of a combined T2- and diffusion-weighted endovaginal MRI technique at 3.0 T. 

      Downey, K; Shepherd, JH; Attygalle, AD; Hazell, S; Morgan, VA; Giles, SL; Ind, TE; Desouza, NM (2014-05)
      AIM: The aim of this study is to validate high-resolution endovaginal T2- and diffusion-weighted MRI measurements (tumour size, volume and length of uninvolved cervical canal) against histology in patients undergoing ...
    • Genome-wide characterization reveals complex interplay between TP53 and TP63 in response to genotoxic stress. 

      McDade, SS; Patel, D; Moran, M; Campbell, J; Fenwick, K; Kozarewa, I; Orr, NJ; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, AA; McCance, DJ (2014-06)
      In response to genotoxic stress the TP53 tumour suppressor activates target gene expression to induce cell cycle arrest or apoptosis depending on the extent of DNA damage. These canonical activities can be repressed by ...
    • Whole-body diffusion-weighted MR imaging for assessment of treatment response in myeloma. 

      Giles, SL; Messiou, C; Collins, DJ; Morgan, VA; Simpkin, CJ; West, S; Davies, FE; Morgan, GJ; deSouza, NM (2014-06)
      To determine the feasibility of whole-body diffusion-weighted (DW) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for assessment of treatment response in myeloma.This prospective single-institution study was HIPAA-compliant with local ...
    • DAISY: picking synthetic lethals from cancer genomes. 

      Ryan, CJ; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A (2014-09)
      A better understanding of genetic interactions in cancer might help identify new therapeutic approaches that exploit the concept of synthetic lethality. Ruppin and colleagues have developed a new computational method, ...
    • Systematic evaluation of quantotypic peptides for targeted analysis of the human kinome. 

      Worboys, JD; Sinclair, J; Yuan, Y; Jørgensen, C (2014-10)
      In targeted proteomics it is critical that peptides are not only proteotypic but also accurately represent the level of the protein (quantotypic). Numerous approaches are used to identify proteotypic peptides, but quantotypic ...
    • Reproducible automated phosphopeptide enrichment using magnetic TiO2 and Ti-IMAC. 

      Tape, CJ; Worboys, JD; Sinclair, J; Gourlay, R; Vogt, J; McMahon, KM; Trost, M; Lauffenburger, DA; Lamont, DJ; Jørgensen, C (2014-10-02)
      Reproducible, comprehensive phosphopeptide enrichment is essential for studying phosphorylation-regulated processes. Here, we describe the application of hyper-porous magnetic TiO2 and Ti-IMAC microspheres for uniform ...
    • The cylindromatosis gene product, CYLD, interacts with MIB2 to regulate notch signalling. 

      Rajan, N; Elliott, RJ; Smith, A; Sinclair, N; Swift, S; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A (2014-12)
      CYLD, an ubiquitin hydrolase, has an expanding repertoire of regulatory roles in cell signalling and is dysregulated in a number of cancers. To dissect CYLD function we used a proteomics approach to identify CYLD interacting ...
    • Genome-wide homozygosity signature and risk of Hodgkin lymphoma. 

      Sud, A; Cooke, R; Swerdlow, AJ; Houlston, RS (2015-01)
      Recent studies have reported that regions of homozygosity (ROH) in the genome are detectable in outbred populations and can be associated with an increased risk of malignancy. To examine whether homozygosity is associated ...
    • Targeting Angiogenic Pathways in Colorectal Cancer: Complexities, Challenges and Future Directions. 

      Khan, K; Cunningham, D; Chau, I (2015-03-25)
      Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the commonest cancers in the world. During the last decade, the development of targeted therapies has given cancer treatment a novel direction in management of metastatic CRC (mCRC) and ...
    • Ultrasound-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of placental vasculature 

      Shaw, CJ; Civale, J; Giussani, DA; Rivens, I; ter Haar, G; Lees, CC (2015-04)
    • JAMA Oncology 

      Dowsett, Mitch; Buus, Richard (2015-04-01)