This is a database of the academic work published by our staff and students. The full text of many of our journal articles is available free of charge from this website.

  • Prediction of Benefit from Checkpoint Inhibitors in Mismatch Repair Deficient Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: Role of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes. 

    Loupakis, F; Depetris, I; Biason, P; Intini, R; Prete, AA; Leone, F; Lombardi, P; Filippi, R; Spallanzani, A; Cascinu, S; Bonetti, LR; Maddalena, G; Valeri, N; Sottoriva, A; Zapata, L; Salmaso, R; Munari, G; Rugge, M; Dei Tos, AP; Golovato, J; Sanborn, JZ; Nguyen, A; Schirripa, M; Zagonel, V; Lonardi, S; Fassan, M (2020-01-22)
    BACKGROUND:Immunotherapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) is highly effective in microsatellite instability-high (MSI-H) metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC); however, specific predictive biomarkers are lacking. ...
  • Immune and muli-omic profiling for molecular classification and biomarker discovery in soft tissue sarcoma 

    Lee, A (2020-02-29)
    Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are a group of over 50 rare cancers of mesenchymal origin. Classification of STS is primarily based on histological characteristics of tumours. Novel biomarkers are required that account for the ...
  • Bromodomain inhibitor OTX015 in patients with acute leukaemia: a dose-escalation, phase 1 study. 

    Berthon, C; Raffoux, E; Thomas, X; Vey, N; Gomez-Roca, C; Yee, K; Taussig, DC; Rezai, K; Roumier, C; Herait, P; Kahatt, C; Quesnel, B; Michallet, M; Recher, C; Lokiec, F; Preudhomme, C; Dombret, H
    Bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) proteins are chromatin readers that preferentially affect the transcription of genes with super-enhancers, including oncogenes. BET proteins bind acetylated histone tails via their ...
  • Applications of liquid biopsies in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer 

    Sumanasuriya, S (2020-02-29)
    Despite many recent advances, treating advanced prostate cancer (PC) remains clinically challenging. The need for vaildated circulating biomarkers is well recognised in almost all cancers, including in PC. Whilst circulating ...
  • Management of Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer: Report of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2019. 

    Gillessen, S; Attard, G; Beer, TM; Beltran, H; Bjartell, A; Bossi, A; Briganti, A; Bristow, RG; Chi, KN; Clarke, N; Davis, ID; de Bono, J; Drake, CG; Duran, I; Eeles, R; Efstathiou, E; Evans, CP; Fanti, S; Feng, FY; Fizazi, K; Frydenberg, M; Gleave, M; Halabi, S; Heidenreich, A; Heinrich, D; Higano, CTS; Hofman, MS; Hussain, M; James, N; Kanesvaran, R; Kantoff, P; Khauli, RB; Leibowitz, R; Logothetis, C; Maluf, F; Millman, R; Morgans, AK; Morris, MJ; Mottet, N; Mrabti, H; Murphy, DG; Murthy, V; Oh, WK; Ost, P; O'Sullivan, JM; Padhani, AR; Parker, C; Poon, DMC; Pritchard, CC; Reiter, RE; Roach, M; Rubin, M; Ryan, CJ; Saad, F; Sade, JP; Sartor, O; Scher, HI; Shore, N; Small, E; Smith, M; Soule, H; Sternberg, CN; Steuber, T; Suzuki, H; Sweeney, C; Sydes, MR; Taplin, M-E; Tombal, B; Türkeri, L; van Oort, I; Zapatero, A; Omlin, A (2020-01-27)
    BACKGROUND:Innovations in treatments, imaging, and molecular characterisation in advanced prostate cancer have improved outcomes, but there are still many aspects of management that lack high-level evidence to inform ...

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