This is a database of the academic work published by our staff and students. The full text of many of our journal articles is available free of charge from this website. Older publications are currently available at

  • Adjuvant Therapy for Stage IB Germ Cell Tumors: One versus Two Cycles of BEP. 

    Huddart, RA; Reid, AM
    Testicular germ cell tumours are the commonest tumours of young men and are broadly managed either as pure seminomas or as 'nonseminomas'. The management of Stage 1 nonseminomatous germ cell tumours (NSGCTs), beyond surgical ...
  • Ripk1 and haematopoiesis: a case for LUBAC and Ripk3. 

    Annibaldi, A; Meier, P (2018-06-04)
  • In Vivo Validation of Elekta's Clarity Autoscan for Ultrasound-based Intrafraction Motion Estimation of the Prostate During Radiation Therapy. 

    Grimwood, A; McNair, HA; O'Shea, TP; Gilroy, S; Thomas, K; Bamber, JC; Tree, AC; Harris, EJ (2018-04-16)
    PURPOSE: Our purpose was to perform an in vivo validation of ultrasound imaging for intrafraction motion estimation using the Elekta Clarity Autoscan system during prostate radiation therapy. The study was conducted as ...
  • A Dosimetric Comparison of Breast Radiotherapy Techniques to Treat Locoregional Lymph Nodes Including the Internal Mammary Chain. 

    Ranger, A; Dunlop, A; Hutchinson, K; Convery, H; Maclennan, MK; Chantler, H; Twyman, N; Rose, C; McQuaid, D; Amos, RA; Griffin, C; deSouza, NM; Donovan, E; Harris, E; Coles, CE; Kirby, A
    AIMS: Radiotherapy target volumes in early breast cancer treatment increasingly include the internal mammary chain (IMC). In order to maximise survival benefits of IMC radiotherapy, doses to the heart and lung should be ...
  • Fine-mapping of prostate cancer susceptibility loci in a large meta-analysis identifies candidate causal variants 

    Dadaev, T; Saunders, EJ; Newcombe, PJ; Anokian, E; Leongamornlert, DA; Brook, MN; Cieza-Borrella, C; Mijuskovic, M; Wakerell, S; Olama, AAA; Schumacher, FR; Berndt, SI; Benlloch, S; Ahmed, M; Goh, C; Sheng, X; Zhang, Z; Muir, K; Govindasami, K; Lophatananon, A; Stevens, VL; Gapstur, SM; Carter, BD; Tangen, CM; Goodman, P; Thompson, IM; Batra, J; Chambers, S; Moya, L; Clements, J; Horvath, L; Tilley, W; Risbridger, G; Gronberg, H; Aly, M; Nordström, T; Pharoah, P; Pashayan, N; Schleutker, J; Tammela, TLJ; Sipeky, C; Auvinen, A; Albanes, D; Weinstein, S; Wolk, A; Hakansson, N; West, C; Dunning, AM; Burnet, N; Mucci, L; Giovannucci, E; Andriole, G; Cussenot, O; Cancel-Tassin, G; Koutros, S; Freeman, LEB; Sorensen, KD; Orntoft, TF; Borre, M; Maehle, L; Grindedal, EM; Neal, DE; Donovan, JL; Hamdy, FC; Martin, RM; Travis, RC; Key, TJ; Hamilton, RJ; Fleshner, NE; Finelli, A; Ingles, SA; Stern, MC; Rosenstein, B; Kerns, S; Ostrer, H; Lu, Y-J; Zhang, H-W; Feng, N; Mao, X; Guo, X; Wang, G; Sun, Z; Giles, GG; Southey, MC; MacInnis, RJ; FitzGerald, LM; Kibel, AS; Drake, BF; Vega, A; Gómez-Caamaño, A; Fachal, L; Szulkin, R; Eklund, M; Kogevinas, M; Llorca, J; Castaño-Vinyals, G; Penney, KL; Stampfer, M; Park, JY; Sellers, TA; Lin, H-Y; Stanford, JL; Cybulski, C; Wokolorczyk, D; Lubinski, J; Ostrander, EA; Geybels, MS; Nordestgaard, BG; Nielsen, SF; Weisher, M; Bisbjerg, R; Røder, MA; Iversen, P; Brenner, H; Cuk, K; Holleczek, B; Maier, C; Luedeke, M; Schnoeller, T; Kim, J; Logothetis, CJ; John, EM; Teixeira, MR; Paulo, P; Cardoso, M; Neuhausen, SL; Steele, L; Ding, YC; De Ruyck, K; De Meerleer, G; Ost, P; Razack, A; Lim, J; Teo, S-H; Lin, DW; Newcomb, LF; Lessel, D; Gamulin, M; Kulis, T; Kaneva, R; Usmani, N; Slavov, C; Mitev, V; Parliament, M; Singhal, S; Claessens, F; Joniau, S; Van den Broeck, T; Larkin, S; Townsend, PA; Aukim-Hastie, C; Gago-Dominguez, M; Castelao, JE; Martinez, ME; Roobol, MJ; Jenster, G; van Schaik, RHN; Menegaux, F; Truong, T; Koudou, YA; Xu, J; Khaw, K-T; Cannon-Albright, L; Pandha, H; Michael, A; Kierzek, A; Thibodeau, SN; McDonnell, SK; Schaid, DJ; Lindstrom, S; Turman, C; Ma, J; Hunter, DJ; Riboli, E; Siddiq, A; Canzian, F; Kolonel, LN; Le Marchand, L; Hoover, RN; Machiela, MJ; Kraft, P; Freedman, M; Wiklund, F; Chanock, S; Henderson, BE; Easton, DF; Haiman, CA; Eeles, RA; Conti, DV; Kote-Jarai, Z

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