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    • Molecular mechanisms of Bdp1 in TFIIIB assembly and RNA polymerase III transcription initiation. 

      Gouge, J; Guthertz, N; Kramm, K; Dergai, O; Abascal-Palacios, G; Satia, K; Cousin, P; Hernandez, N; Grohmann, D; Vannini, A (2017-07-25)
      Initiation of gene transcription by RNA polymerase (Pol) III requires the activity of TFIIIB, a complex formed by Brf1 (or Brf2), TBP (TATA-binding protein), and Bdp1. TFIIIB is required for recruitment of Pol III and to ...
    • Redox Signaling by the RNA Polymerase III TFIIB-Related Factor Brf2. 

      Gouge, J; Satia, K; Guthertz, N; Widya, M; Thompson, AJ; Cousin, P; Dergai, O; Hernandez, N; Vannini, A (2015-12)
      TFIIB-related factor 2 (Brf2) is a member of the family of TFIIB-like core transcription factors. Brf2 recruits RNA polymerase (Pol) III to type III gene-external promoters, including the U6 spliceosomal RNA and selenocysteine ...