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    • Genome-wide association analysis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma identifies pleiotropic risk loci. 

      Law, PJ; Sud, A; Mitchell, JS; Henrion, M; Orlando, G; Lenive, O; Broderick, P; Speedy, HE; Johnson, DC; Kaiser, M; Weinhold, N; Cooke, R; Sunter, NJ; Jackson, GH; Summerfield, G; Harris, RJ; Pettitt, AR; Allsup, DJ; Carmichael, J; Bailey, JR; Pratt, G; Rahman, T; Pepper, C; Fegan, C; von Strandmann, EP; Engert, A; Försti, A; Chen, B; Filho, MIDS; Thomsen, H; Hoffmann, P; Noethen, MM; Eisele, L; Jöckel, K-H; Allan, JM; Swerdlow, AJ; Goldschmidt, H; Catovsky, D; Morgan, GJ; Hemminki, K; Houlston, RS (2017-01-23)
      B-cell malignancies (BCM) originate from the same cell of origin, but at different maturation stages and have distinct clinical phenotypes. Although genetic risk variants for individual BCMs have been identified, an agnostic, ...
    • Genome-wide association study implicates immune dysfunction in the development of Hodgkin lymphoma. 

      Sud, A; Thomsen, H; Orlando, G; Försti, A; Law, PJ; Broderick, P; Cooke, R; Hariri, F; Pastinen, T; Easton, DF; Pharoah, PDP; Dunning, AM; Peto, J; Canzian, F; Eeles, R; Kote-Jarai, Z; Muir, K; Pashayan, N; Campa, D; PRACTICAL Consortium; Hoffmann, P; Nöthen, MM; Jöckel, K-H; von Strandmann, EP; Swerdlow, AJ; Engert, A; Orr, N; Hemminki, K; Houlston, RS (2018-11)
      To further our understanding of inherited susceptibility to Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), we performed a meta-analysis of 7 genome-wide association studies totaling 5325 HL cases and 22 423 control patients. We identify 5 new HL ...