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    • Assessing histone demethylase inhibitors in cells: lessons learned. 

      Hatch, SB; Yapp, C; Montenegro, RC; Savitsky, P; Gamble, V; Tumber, A; Ruda, GF; Bavetsias, V; Fedorov, O; Atrash, B; Raynaud, F; Lanigan, R; Carmichael, L; Tomlin, K; Burke, R; Westaway, SM; Brown, JA; Prinjha, RK; Martinez, ED; Oppermann, U; Schofield, CJ; Bountra, C; Kawamura, A; Blagg, J; Brennan, PE; Rossanese, O; Müller, S (2017)
      BACKGROUND: Histone lysine demethylases (KDMs) are of interest as drug targets due to their regulatory roles in chromatin organization and their tight associations with diseases including cancer and mental disorders. The ...
    • Discovery of Quinazolines That Activate SOS1-Mediated Nucleotide Exchange on RAS. 

      Abbott, JR; Patel, PA; Howes, JE; Akan, DT; Kennedy, JP; Burns, MC; Browning, CF; Sun, Q; Rossanese, OW; Phan, J; Waterson, AG; Fesik, SW (2018-09-13)
      Proteins in the RAS family are important regulators of cellular signaling and, when mutated, can drive cancer pathogenesis. Despite considerable effort over the last 30 years, RAS proteins have proven to be recalcitrant ...