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    • Hypoxic Environment and Paired Hierarchical 3D and 2D Models of Pediatric H3.3-Mutated Gliomas Recreate the Patient Tumor Complexity. 

      Blandin, A-F; Durand, A; Litzler, M; Tripp, A; Guérin, É; Ruhland, E; Obrecht, A; Keime, C; Fuchs, Q; Reita, D; Lhermitte, B; Coca, A; Jones, C; Rebel, IL; Villa, P; Namer, IJ; Dontenwill, M; Guenot, D; Entz-Werle, N (2019-11-26)
      BACKGROUND:Pediatric high-grade gliomas (pHGGs) are facing a very dismal prognosis and representative pre-clinical models are needed for new treatment strategies. Here, we examined the relevance of collecting functional, ...
    • Metabolic Fingerprinting Links Oncogenic PIK3CA with Enhanced Arachidonic Acid-Derived Eicosanoids. 

      Koundouros, N; Karali, E; Tripp, A; Valle, A; Inglese, P; Perry, NJS; Magee, DJ; Anjomani Virmouni, S; Elder, GA; Tyson, AL; Dória, ML; van Weverwijk, A; Soares, RF; Isacke, CM; Nicholson, JK; Glen, RC; Takats, Z; Poulogiannis, G (2020-06-18)
      Oncogenic transformation is associated with profound changes in cellular metabolism, but whether tracking these can improve disease stratification or influence therapy decision-making is largely unknown. Using the iKnife ...