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    • Immune Surveillance in Clinical Regression of Preinvasive Squamous Cell Lung Cancer. 

      Pennycuick, A; Teixeira, VH; AbdulJabbar, K; Raza, SEA; Lund, T; Akarca, AU; Rosenthal, R; Kalinke, L; Chandrasekharan, DP; Pipinikas, CP; Lee-Six, H; Hynds, RE; Gowers, KHC; Henry, JY; Millar, FR; Hagos, YB; Denais, C; Falzon, M; Moore, DA; Antoniou, S; Durrenberger, PF; Furness, AJ; Carroll, B; Marceaux, C; Asselin-Labat, M-L; Larson, W; Betts, C; Coussens, LM; Thakrar, RM; George, J; Swanton, C; Thirlwell, C; Campbell, PJ; Marafioti, T; Yuan, Y; Quezada, SA; McGranahan, N; Janes, SM (2020-10)
      Before squamous cell lung cancer develops, precancerous lesions can be found in the airways. From longitudinal monitoring, we know that only half of such lesions become cancer, whereas a third spontaneously regress. Although ...